Why Journal Writing Is Soul Work | By Guest Author Lynda Monk

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journal writing - shown by girl running hand through tall grassJournal writing allows us to connect with ourselves, our soul. Soul = the expression of your essence.

“You can’t shrink your way to greatness.” Tom Peters

Is there any place in your life where you are playing small? Self doubt can cause us to give away our personal power. Many people, including myself, believe that we are living during a shift that is asking for greater consciousness, deeper authenticity and self-expression that flows from our unique sense of genius. We are stepping into a time when we are invited to move past blame, shame, limited beliefs, excuses and the like into stepping up to make a difference in our own unique ways – in our families, communities, businesses/workplaces and on our planet.

We are all meant to give and receive. We give away our power when we believe we don’t have any. By contrast, when we are connected with source energy we are tapped into our personal power. Source energy is the universal, abundant, always generous energy that flows through us when we are open, aware and willing to receive. Source energy heals, energizes and supports the full expression of who we are and it gets blocked by busy-ness, procrastination and self-doubt.

“We all have the power to transform ourselves and consciously choose something that does not already exist. At any moment we can create something beyond what is.”
Julie Ann Turner

We can serve the greater good in many ways, large or small. All acts of loving kindness, of care, of reaching out, stepping up, connecting, of transforming – all create a velocity of pure potential for profound and important shifts at the individual, group and global level.

Regular reflective journal writing helps you get crystal clear about your value, your worthiness, your story and the unique contribution you are here to make. The blank page invites your voice, your lived experience, your story and the longings in your heart. In this context, I believe journal writing is soul work – a process that takes us into the heart of ourselves. When we access this place, this is where our personal power lives, it is the doorway to greater inner peace.

Reflective journal writing is a tool and a practice that helps you feel inner peace in the cells of your being, in the calm of your mind, in the stillness in your heart. It helps you meet your greatness on the page and in your life.

We have a brief time to do what we are here to do. A lifetime. One lifetime. Bring regular reflective journal writing alongside your life and open into your greatest joy, potential, desires and contributions. One word, one thought, one feeling, one story at a time.

Contributing Author: Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC is the founder of Creative Wellness and author of Life Source Writing™: A Reflective Journaling Practice. Lynda offers a free e-book filled with journaling exercises here. Creative Wellness – where writing + well-being meet.

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2 Responses to Why Journal Writing Is Soul Work | By Guest Author Lynda Monk

  1. Dawn Herring says:

    Thanks so much for having Lynda as a guest on your blog. 🙂

    Journaling is no doubt a soul-filled activity. It helps us play bigger as we delight our imaginations on the page and consider more possibilities than we would without it! And it also helps us stay connected to our source energy where our personal power resides so we can effectively make our mark in the world as we work from our place of peace and authenticity. Love your premise!

    I have chosen your post, Why Journal Writing is Soul Work, for the #JournalChat Pick of the Day on 4/8/13 for all things journaling on Twitter; a link will be posted on the social networks, on my blog and website Refresh with Dawn Herring, and in my weekly Refresh Journal: http://tinyurl.com/cweey3b.

    #JournalChat Live is every Thursday, 5 EST/2 PST, for all things journaling on Twitter; our topic this week is Your Journaling: Shake It UP! Tina Bradley joins us!

    I appreciate your soul approach to the journaling process.

    Be refreshed,
    Dawn Herring
    Your Refreshment Specialist
    Host of #JournalChat Live and Links Edition on Twitter
    Author of The Birthday Wall: Create a Collage to Celebrate Your Child

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