1. Our Philosophy
  2. Emma-Louise’s Story
  3. Professional Background & Qualifications
  4. Life Coaching Background
  5. Volunteering and Professional Assoications

1. Our Philosophy

Our passion is to help you find happiness by reconnecting with your true self. Sadly, many of us are so busy giving, pleasing others and worrying what everyone else thinks – that we literally wear ourselves out – and make our ‘selves’ miserable in the process…

We want you to experience fun, freedom and joy – by living your values and expressing yourself authentically. We want to help you make your life simpler, easier and happier – to find your joy, BE yourself and create a life you love!

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2. Emma’s Story

Once upon a time, even though I was successful and happy on the outside, I was unhappy on the inside. I had a nice house, great partner, two cute cats, a fun car (1973 Ford), great friends and a lifestyle many would be envious of. But somehow this just didn’t add up for me and I was miserable! Looking back this does not seem as strange as it did at the time. I was feeling incomplete, unfulfilled … Read more of Emma’s story here >>

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3. Professional Background and Qualifications

Emma-Louise has worked in many industries including retail, hospitality, exhibitions, the automotive industry and latterly the banking/finance industry. She has an honours degree in Business Information Technology and during her 10 year IT career Emma-Louise became an accredited project and programme manager running teams of up to 60 people. And while working in the City of London, England for one of the largest banks in the world she was the youngest female manager in the IT division.

Emma-Louise began coaching in 2003, graduating with distinction at The Coaching Academy in England in early 2004. She launched Simplicity Life Coaching Ltd. in March 2005 and added the NLP Practitioner designation to her coaching repertoire in the summer of 2005 at Erickson Coaching College in Vancouver, Canada.

Emma-Louise started The Coaching Tools Company.com in early 2009 – to supply professional coaching tools and exercises to fellow coaches and therapists.

Bite-Sized Life Coaching is Emma-Louise’s latest project – the culmination of all her experience coaching, teaching seminars, writing articles and creating coaching tools and exercises. Our aim at Bite-Sized Life Coaching is to help you on your journey to find joy and happiness – to help you coach yourself and create a life you love!

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4. Life Coaching Background

Emma-Louise has helped many clients since she started one-on-one coaching in 2004! Read some of her testimonials at Simplicity Life Coaching here >>. As a lifecoach Emma-Louise has worked with many professionals including teachers, lawyers, accountants, engineers, project managers, computer programmers, HR specialists, marketing and sales professionals and small business owners to help them figure out who they are, what they really want from life and get out there and create a life they love.

She has taught lots of seminars and her clients have included Lululemon Athletica, The Chamber of Commerce, many everyWoman conferences (see right), Canadian Blood Services, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, Wired Women, Young Women in Business, the Young President’s Association, the YWCA, the YMCA and many local networking and support groups.

Emma-Louise also started and ran “The Blossom Club” for almost 2 years – a life and networking support group to celebrate women in business. In additions, with a fellow coach, she created “The Social Book Club” to help women learn and grow through discussing personal development books – including a presentation, handouts and exercises for attendees to take-away!

Emma-Louise has also created a Guided Meditation CD, she wrote a monthly newsletter for 3 years, has been on television – interviewed by Global News and by Jivi Khehra on “Winds of Change” – and has also had many articles published in local newspapers and magazines – including being featured with a client.

In essence, Emma-Louise loves to help people with their personal growth – in as many ways as she possibly can – through events, articles, coaching tools, exercises and more!

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5. Volunteering and Professional Associations

In her career lifetime Emma-Louise has attended a number of leadership and personal development courses including at the distinguished Cranfield University School of Management. It was her interest in motivation, teams and leadership that led her to become first a manager in her first career in business and technology, and then a life-coach.

Memberships: Emma-Louise is currently a member of the International Coaching Federation. She has been a member of a number of organizations in the past including Coachville, the International Association of Coaches, Toastmasters, her local Chamber of Commerce and IPPA (the International Positive Psychology Association).

Volunteering: Currently Emma-Louise is a commissioner on the Economic Development Commission for Salt Spring Island and she volunteers and fund-raises for local projects. As she now lives on a small island (10,500 people) she works to keep the community vibrant.

In the past, she has volunteered teaching seminars on stress and suicide prevention with the Vancouver Crisis Centre, been on the marketing committee for the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, volunteered with local networking groups – SWAN (Successful Women Always Network) and been on the board of both DNA (The Downtown Networking Association – see photo right) and her Toastmasters club. She has fund-raised for an abattoir for Salt Spring Island and run seminars to raise money for local charities including The Copper Kettle and The Glasswaters Foundation. And she has also donated life coaching for many good causes – including the North Shore Womens Centre, Lions Gate Hospital Foundation, the Canadian Diabetes Association, the Harvest Project, Women for Women International and Dress for Success to name a few.

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