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The Dark Side of Summer – How Not to Be a Slave to Media Manipulation

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For Women Everywhere – and Those Who Love Them! In the Northern hemisphere it’s now officially summer. And everywhere I look I see ads for “the perfect swimsuit”, suncreams and self-tanners. In women’s magazines and online I see the question, … Continue reading

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Shocking Truths – 10 Real-Life Signs That You’re Addicted to Perfectionism

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So, this is a very personal article. Many of you will know that I’m a ‘recovering’ Perfectionist – and I still have to work at it. For most of my life I have been obsessed (sometimes literally) with getting things … Continue reading

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let go represented by child blowing bubbles

Type A Personalities: Why You Need to Let Go (with Inspirational Poem)

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Have you ever been told you need to “Let Go” or to, “Stop trying to control everything!”? If so, you’re probably one of many people who, like me, are ‘Type A’ personalities. We like to be in charge, to do our … Continue reading

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Love Letter to YOU from a Recovering Perfectionist!

Dear fellow perfectionist, I see you. And it breaks my heart to see your inner critic at work – telling you you’re not good enough. Can’t you see how you’re being manipulated – that the need to be perfect comes … Continue reading

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