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7 Ways to “Do What You Love” Without Looking For a New Job!

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How ‘Do What You Love’ Sets Us Up for Disappointment – and What to Do About it! I have an issue with the current self-help meme that encourages people to “do what they love”. How many times have you heard: … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance show by woman holding hands in front of face

How Cognitive Dissonance Makes You Say Silly Things!

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In my late teens, I had a friend who dated a rather angry man. One of the stranger things he did was pour an entire kettle of boiling water into his mother’s handbag. I remember how calmly she told me. … Continue reading

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What is Voluntary Simplicity? Simplify Your Life and Be Happier!

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  Earlier this week I came across an article on Voluntary Simplicity. I realised this is what my husband Duncan and I have been doing over the last 12 years or so – without realising it! So I did some … Continue reading

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Are you Creating Your Dream Life?

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This morning I woke up feeling stressed, overwhelmed and resentful. My brain was full, I was tired and frustrated. It’s too much! It’s been an extremely busy few weeks for me – holding my biggest sale of the year at … Continue reading

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Unhappy? You May Be Disconnected From Your Values

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Do you ever feel unhappy, disconnected from yourself, dissatisfied, sad, depressed or like there’s something missing from your life? Often when we feel like this it’s because we’re not living our values. And because our values represent who we are, … Continue reading

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