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Are you Creating Your Dream Life?

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This morning I woke up feeling stressed, overwhelmed and resentful. My brain was full, I was tired and frustrated. It’s too much! It’s been an extremely busy few weeks for me – holding my biggest sale of the year at … Continue reading

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Who Do YOU Need to Appreciate in Your Life?

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A few years ago, I was on a 5 hour drive with my husband. He had fallen asleep (so obviously I was driving!) and I had slipped into this cool ‘zone’ of being totally in the present moment. I felt … Continue reading

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Being Told to be Grateful!

Why I’m Sick of Gratitude! And How It May Actually Be Bad For You!

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Who hasn’t heard over the last few years that gratitude is the way to happiness? “Gratitude is the attitude that determines your altitude!”  Even Oprah keeps a Gratitude Journal. The thing I hate about gratitude is that it feels like … Continue reading

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