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What’s YOUR Rat Park?

Reading Time: 1 min 27 sec

In the 1970s a scientist called Bruce Alexander wanted to show that living conditions cause addiction and not the drugs themselves. So he built Rat Park – 200 times the size of a standard laboratory cage with lots of food, toys … Continue reading

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Who Do YOU Need to Appreciate in Your Life?

Reading Time: 1 min 17 sec

A few years ago, I was on a 5 hour drive with my husband. He had fallen asleep (so obviously I was driving!) and I had slipped into this cool ‘zone’ of being totally in the present moment. I felt … Continue reading

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Heal the Story Behind Your Fear and Painful Feelings

Reading Time: 1 min 12 sec

We live in a society that believes that facts, science and rationality will solve all our problems, and yet we are still ruled by our feelings and emotions. Suppressing and AVOIDING our difficult feelings simply blocks us from learning valuable … Continue reading

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Mirror represents alternative to blaming

5 Simple Steps to Help You Turn Blaming Others into Powerful Learning!

Reading Time: 1 min 15 sec

When things go ‘wrong’ in our lives we often feel like blaming. And on the surface, blaming appears to help us understand what happened and move forwards. But pointing the finger is also a great way to avoid our own … Continue reading

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