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Once upon a time, even though I was successful and happy on the outside, I was unhappy on the inside. I had a nice house, great partner, two cute cats, a fun car (1973 Ford), great friends and a lifestyle many would be envious of. But somehow this just didn’t add up for me and I was miserable!

Looking back this does not seem as strange as it did at the time. I was feeling incomplete, unfulfilled… and was searching fruitlessly for an alternative career. There had to be more to life – I just didn’t know what it was yet. At this point I could have really done with some life-coaching. Unfortunately, it would be 18 months before I discovered coaching!

When I first came across coaching it was over a discussion at work with a colleague who mentioned coaching as an opportunity to build leadership skills – and sent me home with a training brochure! Well, that was the beginning… Even as I began the preparatory work for the life-coaching certification the idea began to form in my mind – maybe I could actually become a life-coach rather than just use the skills I learned to be a better people manager…

It was some time before I really admitted to myself that this was what I wanted to do. I had always done the ‘sensible’ thing and chosen jobs and a career where the money (and success) was ‘guaranteed’. Like many people I had avoided ‘creative’ jobs because of the lack of certainty, especially around income.

But finally, with a lot of determination and the support of a coach I left the corporate world behind to complete my coaching training. Then, fancying some adventure I moved to Vancouver, Canada with my hubbie Duncan and two kitties, Yoda and Starsky (seen here). What do I miss? Well, friends, family and good cups of tea… And maybe great Indian food!

So, over the last few years I have re-prioritized my life around what’s really important to me. I have moved from successful corporate employee to successful business owner – from complaining (a lot) about my situation to taking personal responsibility and doing something about it – and still complaining from time to time (no-one said this was easy!)

Through coaching I have established meaning and purpose in my life. Now I am moving through the fear and believing in myself to make the rest of my dream happen. It is not always easy, but I am happier and more satisfied than I have ever been.

The latest chapter of my life – we got a dog (seen here in his matching dog-house) and moved to Salt Spring Island in May 2008 – is documented on our blog where we grow our own food, have built a cottage to run as a B&B and get involved in small community life! The idea of the blog is to (entertain and) inspire people to follow the life of their dreams!

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