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Graphic: Celebrate Achievements

GRAPHIC: Love Yourself and Celebrate Your Achievements

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We’ve just passed Valentines Day and if you haven’t already it’s still a great time reflect, review and celebrate your achievements from over the last year! Use these 7 Coaching Questions to Reflect and Celebrate Your Achievements Explore what you did well, … Continue reading

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10 Meaningful Areas for you to Ponder, Reflect and Create an AMAZING Year!

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Recently, my life turned upside down. A family crisis has meant my husband Duncan and I are flying back and forth from Canada to England for what will probably be about 18 months in total.  Now, although I’m more adjusted … Continue reading

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Take Time to Review and Celebrate Your Success: You’ll be glad you did!

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We’re such a goal-oriented culture and we get a thrill from achieving our goals – but are all too quickly straight onto the NEXT achievement. It’s so easy to shift from the end of one year and straight into the … Continue reading

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