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Are You Stuck on a Hamster Wheel? What Do You Need in Your Life to Thrive?

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I know it’s not just me. We all lead such busy lives – and all too often we simply don’t take enough care of our ‘selves’. We may make a priority of taking care of others and/or our careers, but … Continue reading

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Are you Creating Your Dream Life?

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This morning I woke up feeling stressed, overwhelmed and resentful. My brain was full, I was tired and frustrated. It’s too much! It’s been an extremely busy few weeks for me – holding my biggest sale of the year at … Continue reading

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10 Meaningful Areas for you to Ponder, Reflect and Create an AMAZING Year!

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Recently, my life turned upside down. A family crisis has meant my husband Duncan and I are flying back and forth from Canada to England for what will probably be about 18 months in total.  Now, although I’m more adjusted … Continue reading

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The Home Stretch: 7 Easy Questions to Help You Review and Refocus on Your Goals

Reading Time: 49 sec

Can you believe it? We’re on the home stretch – and the rest of the year will go by in a flash. So this is a great time to ‘take stock’ and do your final goal review for the year. … Continue reading

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Equinox Gives us an Opportunity to Pause, Reflect and Learn: 5 Questions for You!

Reading Time: 39 sec

We’ve just passed the Equinox – one of two dates each year when the hours of daylight equal the hours of darkness. This marks a change in the rhythms of nature. And all over the world there are rituals that … Continue reading

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Procrastination Tip- shown by runner on starting blocks

Super-easy Procrastination Tip – When Would NOW Be a Good Time?

Reading Time: 59 sec

OK, if you noticed the question seems a little odd, it’s because it’s a trick question. Instead of asking when WOULD be a good time? I asked you, when would NOW be a good time? We all procrastinate sometimes – … Continue reading

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Spring Clean Your Life shown by woman cleaning mirror

Spring Clean Your Life: 10 Questions to ask Yourself!

Reading Time: 1 min 03 sec

Spring is certainly here for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere. But whether you’re heading into Fall or Spring – the change of seasons is a great opportunity to reflect and have a “Spring Clean”. Here are some powerful … Continue reading

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Feeling Stuck? 5 Powerful Questions to Get Unstuck and Get Moving!

Reading Time: 1 min 5 sec

Often when we’re stuck it’s simply because we are thinking in ‘Black and White’. Also known as ‘All or Nothing’ thinking, it’s one of the commonest issues I see with my coaching clients. To get unstuck we need to see … Continue reading

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10 Top Questions to Help Identify Your Strengths – Without The Struggle!

Many people easily reel off their flaws and faults and yet stumble when asked to list their strengths. But to be happy, to succeed, to follow your bliss – it’s essential you identify your strengths and talents! Marianne Williamson said, … Continue reading

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The ONE Question You MUST Ask for a Happier and More Balanced Life!

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Thinking we can ‘achieve’ balance sets us up for disappointment, because no sooner do we ‘achieve’ it then something changes and we are ‘off-balance’ again. It’s much better instead, to think of balance as something we are either: Moving towards … Continue reading

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