Are You Stuck on a Hamster Wheel? What Do You Need in Your Life to Thrive?

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I know it’s not just me. We all lead such busy lives – and all too often we simply don’t take enough care of our ‘selves’. We may make a priority of taking care of others and/or our careers, but not our own selves. Why is it so hard?

I think for many of us, we simply don’t value, respect or esteem our “self” enough. We don’t realise that what we need, think – and feel – really matters. And we’re so busy on the “hamster wheel” of life that we can’t see it.

The cost of not paying ourselves the attention we deserve is that we feel permanently tired, grumpy with those we care about, overwhelmed and stressed out. And it’s all too easy for us to get stuck in that rut because we lack the energy or perspective to make the necessary changes.

Recently in a coaching session with my coach Mary Johnson we talked about listening to our inner wisdom, and honouring and giving our self space and permission to do what it needs to thrive. For me to thrive I need mental space – taking things more slowly, letting go of “shoulds” and “musts” and recognizing that there will always be more to do than time allows.

So in August I decided to work shorter hours – and give myself a “breather” from my self-created hamster wheel. I got up early (6am) and finished at either 1pm or 3pm. In the extra “life” hours I gained, I made time and space for two things 1) Reading/doing nothing and 2) Creativity – playing my piano, writing and making yummy recipes with homegrown produce. This included time in my garden, going hiking and taking a week-long painting course.

Of course it wasn’t enough – August has gone by in a flash – and I am craving more (in a good way). I feel happier, more relaxed and connected to myself and I’m rethinking my working (and waking!) schedule for September and beyond. This “breather” time has also cemented the idea of taking a leap and employing someone to help me run my business/es – I want to get off the hamster wheel! I’m feeling more confident – and bursting with ideas too – it’s exhilarating!

When I relax and do nothing – or do something creative – my brain stills and I get these bursts of insight that help me see what I need to be happy. I want this for you too! So make some time for you and here are:

7 Potent Questions For You to Ponder or Journal around:

  1. What do you need to do differently for your ‘self’ to thrive?
  2. Who will you have to become to have all that you want?
  3. What wants/needs to be said/heard?
  4. If you could change just one thing, what would it be?
  5. What keeps me from being myself is ________ ?
  6. What do I need to let go of to become that person?
  7. What would it take for you to come home to your ‘self’?

I’d love for you to create some time and space to ponder the questions above like I did, and even share what you learned by commenting below.

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