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Banish This Word to be Happier, Less Stressed & More Productive!

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Yoda is my favourite character in the Star Wars films. He is full of wisdom – as well as being pretty nifty in a fight, despite his small size and wizened, green appearance. And one of my favourite Yoda quotes … Continue reading

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Woman Thinking to Solve Problems in Life

10 Powerful Questions to Solve Problems In Life – and Resolve Nagging Issues!

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So do you have a nagging life issue or problem you’d like to resolve – whether it’s a relationship, a problem you can’t figure out or something you just want done? When we have issues hanging around, it drains our … Continue reading

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Trust Your Intuition - Image of Dog with Large Ear Listening

Why You Must Trust YOUR Intuition and Decide for Yourself!

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Yesterday I was listening to a radio show. The radio host’s message, let’s call her Laura, is all about trusting your intuition. It’s in the words of the song on her show intro. And she repeatedly says how you should, … Continue reading

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Make Up Your Mind! 7 Fun and Easy Decision Making Techniques

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Do you ever have trouble making up your mind? There are many things that can get in the way of decision making. Perhaps you’re tired, need more time to sort through the information or choices. Or maybe there are too … Continue reading

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YOU Have The Answer to Everything: Just Ask This Simple Question!

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Having trouble making a decision? Well, whether it’s a specific decision or an ongoing issue I want you to know that YOU have ALL the answers. Really. To EVERYTHING in your life. All too often we get in our own way … Continue reading

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