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5 Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Day!

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  One of the biggest lies we’re told (and it’s constantly reinforced in adverts, movies, magazines etc) is that we SHOULD be happy. Yes, there are horrible atrocities going on all over the world right now, people starving and/or living … Continue reading

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Banish This Word to be Happier, Less Stressed & More Productive!

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Yoda is my favourite character in the Star Wars films. He is full of wisdom – as well as being pretty nifty in a fight, despite his small size and wizened, green appearance. And one of my favourite Yoda quotes … Continue reading

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happiness tip represented by a happy dog

Happiness Tip Number 1: Accept Reality

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We feel unhappy when we dislike something in our current situation – when we ‘resist reality’. In fact, most forms of unhappiness, negativity or suffering simply come from resisting what already IS. This simple happiness tip and the 2 simple … Continue reading

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How to End Your UNhappiness

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I’m sure you’ve discovered by now, that happiness is not something we can FORCE. Happiness arises naturally when we’re in a state of contentment, acceptance and non-resistance with the world. But did you know, the opposite of Happiness is Sadness, … Continue reading

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