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5 Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Day!

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  One of the biggest lies we’re told (and it’s constantly reinforced in adverts, movies, magazines etc) is that we SHOULD be happy. Yes, there are horrible atrocities going on all over the world right now, people starving and/or living … Continue reading

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15 of the Best Compliments to Make Everyone Feel Great (Including You!)

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I’ll start with one of my favourite jokes: A man walks into a bar and orders a beer. He’s sat there drinking when he hears someone say, “Nice tie!” But the bar is empty except for himself and the bartender … Continue reading

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Thrift Store Shopping Oxfam

Thrift Store Shopping – Why I LOVE it and 15 Tips to Help You Find Bargains AND Have Fun!

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Did you know it’s Thrift Store Shopping Day (or Charity Shop Day) on August 17th? My love affair with Thrift Store Shopping started when I was 14 and I couldn’t afford to buy the clothes I wanted. It was the … Continue reading

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Friends whispering

Are Your Friends Good for you? 5 Simple Steps to Review Your Friendships and Find Out!

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We all know that friends are the family we CHOOSE in life. But are your friendships inspiring, supporting and encouraging you? Or are your friendships strained, stressful or unfulfilled? Relationships that serve us are inspiring or energising and we need … Continue reading

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