Happiness Tip Number 1: Accept Reality

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happiness tip represented by a happy dogWe feel unhappy when we dislike something in our current situation – when we ‘resist reality’. In fact, most forms of unhappiness, negativity or suffering simply come from resisting what already IS. This simple happiness tip and the 2 simple steps below will help you reconnect to your happiness.

So, how does this happiness tip work? Well, UNhappiness comes from a place of judgement (“this is wrong”, “not right”, “not fair” etc.) and wishing things are different from how they are. The UNhappiness feeling stays with us as long as we keep thinking those thoughts – judging and not accepting what is. So, when we accept or take action to change the situation, we move from judgement to taking care of our needs – and this allows us to reconnect to our happiness.

Happiness Tip Number 1, Acknowledge and Accept Reality:

  1. Ask yourself “Where am I resisting reality?” (things that already are)
  2. Then either:
    1. Take ownership of what is bothering you and take action to change the reality. If you can, do something about the situation instead of wishing it were different.
    2. Surrender to what IS. Perhaps you can’t change the situation. Instead choose to change your thoughts about the issue and ALLOW whatever is bothering you to “BE”, without wishing, whining or wallowing.

You’ll know this has worked if you feel empowered and/or if you feel some spaciousness around the issue.

NOTE: You may also notice you feel sad or disappointed. Sadness is good here because it connects you with your deepest self. Look at the sadness and see what’s really going on inside. Once acknowledged, the sadness will pass naturally.

In Summary: When you’re feeling unhappy, either 1) do something about it or 2) choose to let it be/go. But choosing to do nothing or complaining about something you can’t change will only make you suffer more!

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