On Clutter: Why Clearing Up at Home Gives You Clarity, Inspiration and Energy!

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“Clutter” has become such a problem in the last decade that there are entire TV shows devoted to it. We even have an entire new industry – storage units – devoted to helping us store our stuff!

It’s not surprising really – we’re surrounded by media and advertising that encourages to keep buying more stuff! Not only that but buying stuff has got easier too – we sit at home, click our mouse and a few days later a package arrives. Busy-ness, a lack of time – or shopping for a quick ‘pick-me-up’ – easily leads to a mountain of items which need to stored or dealt with.

Well, did you know that the word “clutter” is derived from a 15th Century English word – clotter – a variant of clot. In fact the word clot has been used to describe collections of dead bodies, cats (presumably stray ones), narrow, crooked, dark and dirty lanes and spiders – suggesting that it’s not only icky but that it collects and grows. How fitting!

What happens when clutter accumulates in our homes is that it not only impacts the beauty and comfort of our environment, but it also impacts how we feel IN our homes – sucking our precious energy. What starts off as a harmless pile of papers or pile of boxes can grow and take over our homes, our energy, our lives. Our home, instead of being a safe place to rest and recharge, becomes toxic and draining.

My point? Clutter is mentally toxic – and once it starts it tends to expand. What begins as a symptom of what’s going on in our lives becomes a part of the problem, causing us to feel stuck and stagnate. In fact Carl Jung, the famous psychologist, believed our homes are a symbolic mirror of our inner selves – of unconscious wishes, emotions and an external manifestation of how we feel about our lives.

The good news? Nothing works in isolation. While getting our lives more under control can lead us to reorganize and tidy our homes, tidying up our homes can also help clear our minds and reorganize our crazy, busy lives.

So my request for you is to:

  1. Take a fresh eye around your home and ask “Where have I got clutter – what is sucking my energy?” Outdated papers all over your fridge? Stuff piled up in your entrance way, cupboards or bedroom? A pile of stuff to be garage-saled, given to charity, sold online? What about your filing or that drawer where you keep shoving everything?
  2. Once you’ve identified what’s draining your energy – however big or small – take action and do something about it! If you can do it in 15 minutes chunks – you’ll find you get through it in no time, without it feeling like a chore. You may even enjoy it…

In summary: When we clear up and put our home in order, we create the opportunity for corresponding changes in our lives. We regain clarity, ideas, inspiration – and energy! You may be surprised what a difference you can make in just 15 minutes – less than one episode of your favourite TV program. Why not try it and see?

NB. And if just thinking about clearing up leaves you feeling overwhelmed, ask a friend to help – or hire a professional organizer to do it for or with you.

Like this? Try our  Energy Zappers Tool! A fun exercise to help you identify and acknowledge what’s zapping your energy!

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