The ONE Question You MUST Ask for a Happier and More Balanced Life!

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Thinking we can ‘achieve’ balance sets us up for disappointment, because no sooner do we ‘achieve’ it then something changes and we are ‘off-balance’ again.

It’s much better instead, to think of balance as something we are either:

  1. Moving towards
  2. Moving away from

How does this help you? Well, instead of trying to ‘achieve’ balance, you just need to ask yourself this simple question, “Am I moving TOWARDS or AWAY FROM Balance?” This is a much easier way to live life!

So, you’re probably moving towards balance if: 

  • You feel good about how you spend your time.
  • Your life is heading in the general direction you want.
  • You can see that your energy is improving or on the up.
  • On a day-to-day basis, you feel spacious and calm – and that everything is in hand.
  • You make a decision – and feel relieved afterwards.

And you’re probably moving away from balance if:

  • You’re finding life ‘hard’
  • You’re feeling tired or mentally drained much of the time
  • You feel like you’re living someone else’s life
  • On a day-to-day basis, you feel resentment, overwhelm or wish you were somewhere else.
  • You make a decision and feel more stressed afterwards.

Where to go from here? Well, in future when you have a decision to make, ask yourself this question:

“Will saying ‘Yes’ move me TOWARDS or AWAY FROM balance in my life?”

Whether this is a new project or a yoga class, when you can answer this question clearly and honestly AND make the decision that is best for you, you’re on your way to a happier and more balanced life!

Watch out for: Just because it’s a yoga class doesn’t mean it automatically moves you towards balance – if you need a night in, you need a night in. Listen to your HEART!

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.”  Thomas Merton

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4 Responses to The ONE Question You MUST Ask for a Happier and More Balanced Life!

  1. Thank you Emma; for the realistic view on “Balance”. As life is a journey, not a destination, so balance is a process that is part of how we move along our course. Balance is also more easily achieved by the choice to be happy in the moment, vs. constantly trying for all that is not Right Now. I AM SINCERELY ENJOYING TOURING YOUR SITE! Well Done! I love the changes. Dorise

    • Emma-Louise says:

      Thank-you so much Dorise! I really value your input and heartfelt comments. Warmly, Emma-Louise x

  2. These seem like great ways to help someone live a more balanced life. I’ve lived a really difficult life, and finding a place of peace and balance is something that’s really difficult for me to achieve on my own. I can see why asking myself whether any action I take in life would either move me toward or away from balance in my life would be a question that I should ask to help me get my life in the direction that I want it to be in. It’s pretty obvious that I’m not moving forward with my life since I don’t feel very good about how I spend my time and since this life isn’t going in the direction that I want. I find that going through life on my own is rather difficult, so perhaps I should consider getting help from a life coach to guide me toward what I really want to do.

    • Emma-Louise says:

      Dear Deanna, first, thank-you for your comment! You seem very self-aware which is a good sign.

      The question in this article about whether you’re moving towards or away from balance works well to make decisions “in the moment” – about how to spend your time and energy (and even money!). But it obviously also enabled you to see that your life overall is not going in the direction you would like.

      So, to answer your question, a life coach could certainly help you figure out what you want from life, and to head in that direction. And depending on how bad or sad you are feeling, you may also find counselling helpful. If there are issues in the past that are affecting how you see yourself or the world – these can colour how you approach life and making changes in your life.

      Only you will know which would help you better.

      Thanks again for your comment, and good luck with figuring out where you go next! Warmly, Emma-Louise

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