10 Powerful Questions to Solve Problems In Life – and Resolve Nagging Issues!

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So do you have a nagging life issue or problem you’d like to resolve – whether it’s a relationship, a problem you can’t figure out or something you just want done? When we have issues hanging around, it drains our energy and stresses us out. So, why not take a few minutes to answer these questions and reclaim your energy?

1) You can use each question as a separate journaling prompt OR 2) set aside 10-15 minutes to ask yourself or get a friend to ask you the 10 questions in sequence.

Don’t skip any questions – they all serve a purpose – and try to do them in the order listed.  In fact if you find yourself wanting to avoid a question, it’s a good sign that you REALLY need to answer it… If you truly get stuck, re-read the two tips immediately below, then ask the question again. Or just move onto the next question –  but be sure to come back to it later.

Finally, don’t think too much, instead trust your gut or intuition when answering the questions. Here are two specific tips on how to do this:

  • FEEL the question. Don’t THINK it! Relax your body and imagine energy flowing down from your head and into your body – and staying there.
  • Do it FAST! Bypass the thinking mind by just starting to talk or just sticking your pen to paper and starting writing (even if the first thing you say or write is, “I don’t know” – just start and then keep on talking or writing). We call this a stream of consciousness…

So, now you’re ready. Bring to mind the problem or issue that you would like to solve.

And ask yourself these 10 questions to Solve Problems in Life:

  1. THE WHY: List all the reasons WHY this is a problem or issue for you. (eg. what can you not be, do or have as a result of this problem? how does it leave you feeling? who is impacted and how?)
  2. OUTCOMES MATTER: What are the specific outcome/s you would like from resolving this problem or issue? (this is what would you like to happen or ‘come out’ once this issue is resolved)
  3. PROOF: How will you absolutely know when the problem or issue is resolved? (imagine you had to prove the issue was resolved, how would you do that?)
  4. ACTION REVIEW: What have you done so far towards resolving the issue? (list everything)
  5. GOODNESS ME: What’s good about the current situation? What do you gain by staying exactly as you are? So, how specifically have you been getting in your own way?
  6. PAST LIFE: What have you done that has worked in similar situations? (think about similar situations in the past – even as far back as childhood)
  7. YOU ARE AN EXPERT: Suppose for a moment you are an expert in – the area of your issue – what would you advise yourself to do? (you could even try being a number of different experts!)
  8. IMAGINATION: Imagine for a moment what would really make the difference here? (imagine you have a magic wand. imagine there are no limitations, imagine there is absolutely nothing that could get in your way)
  9. AH, SWEET AVOIDANCE: What is the decision or action you may have been avoiding?
  10. WHEN WOULD NOW BE A GOOD TIME? So what are you going to do about it? And when will you do it?

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