Spring Clean Your Life: 10 Questions to ask Yourself!

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Spring Clean Your Life shown by woman cleaning mirrorSpring is certainly here for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere. But whether you’re heading into Fall or Spring – the change of seasons is a great opportunity to reflect and have a “Spring Clean”. Here are some powerful coaching questions to ask yourselves as part of that spring clean. They make great questions to ponder on a walk, over coffee, a glass of wine, with friends or as journaling prompts…

Here are your 10 “Spring Clean Your Life!” Questions or Journaling Prompts:

  1. What are you TOLERATING? (also a free coaching exercise) What is FRUSTRATING you right now?
    These drain your energy – think about how to reduce, delegate, pay someone to do or say “No” to them.
  2. Where are you SHOULD’NG on yourself? (using “I should” as a way of prioritising or getting things done)
    It’s time to ask, “What do I want here? What do I think is most important?” or “What’s best for me?”
  3. What are the Top 3 ENERGY ZAPPERS in my life at the moment?
    We need energy for the new seasons coming. Your energy zappers are great things to reduce, say “No” to or get rid of.
  4. What do you REALLY, REALLY want in life right now?
    How can you move forwards if you don’t know what direction to head in?
  5. What ONE new DAILY HABIT could you introduce in your life that would make the biggest positive difference to you?
    Just pick ONE new habit. Something with multiple benefits. Do it daily. Forget? That’s OK, just start again the next day.
  6. What do you need to LET GO OF? (also a free coaching exercise) What, if you let it go, would lighten your load?
    This could be a thought or limiting belief, a goal, a relationship or something smaller. Only you know…
  7. a) WHO would you like to spend MORE TIME with? (Who fully accepts, inspires, supports, encourages you?)
    b) WHO would you like to spend LESS TIME with? (Who drags you down, belittles, discourages or drains you?)
    Try to spend more time with the supportive people and less time with people who drag you down. You may like our Detox Your Relationships Coaching Tool!
  8. What do you need to JUST GET DONE? What are you procrastinating over that you would be DELIGHTED to have complete?
    Taxes anyone? Undone necessary tasks eat away at us. Schedule some time (or get some help) and focusing on how you’ll feel once complete, just DO it!
  9. Where do you want to be in 3 Month’s time?
    Think about what you want to be the same and what to be different? You may also like our 3 One-page Life Visioning Tools!
  10. Finally, PONDER your Top 3 Spring Goals. What 3 things could you work on?
    Identify Your Top 3 “Spring Clean” Goals, write them down, take action! 

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