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Freshen up your life

GRAPHIC: 7 Coaching Questions to Freshen up Your Life!

Spring has sprung (at least it has in the Northern Hemisphere) so it’s a great time to start spring cleaning our homes and lives!  Answer these 7 Coaching Questions to Help Spring Clean Your Life! Explore these questions and journal around them to give … Continue reading

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Graphic: Celebrate Achievements

GRAPHIC: Love Yourself and Celebrate Your Achievements

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We’ve just passed Valentines Day and if you haven’t already it’s still a great time reflect, review and celebrate your achievements from over the last year! Use these 7 Coaching Questions to Reflect and Celebrate Your Achievements Explore what you did well, … Continue reading

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10 Meaningful Areas for you to Ponder, Reflect and Create an AMAZING Year!

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Recently, my life turned upside down. A family crisis has meant my husband Duncan and I are flying back and forth from Canada to England for what will probably be about 18 months in total.  Now, although I’m more adjusted … Continue reading

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Equinox Gives us an Opportunity to Pause, Reflect and Learn: 5 Questions for You!

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We’ve just passed the Equinox – one of two dates each year when the hours of daylight equal the hours of darkness. This marks a change in the rhythms of nature. And all over the world there are rituals that … Continue reading

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7 Easy Ways For You to Energize and Refocus!

Reading Time: 1 min 19 sec

Spring and Fall are a great opportunity to refocus and energize ourselves. And you’d be surprised how small a change can be – and still make a big difference. In fact it’s often the small changes that make the MOST … Continue reading

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How to Give Yourself a HUG!

A HUG is a Huge Unbelievable Goal. People willingly go to great lengths to achieve them – because they are so inspiring and exciting! Click here to read our sister article and learn more about What a HUG is and … Continue reading

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