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[Do Anywhere] Easy 3 Step Calming Meditation for You!

Reading Time: 49 sec

Sometimes when we’re having a busy or stressful day, we don’t feel like we have the time to take a break. But what if a 2-3 minute breathing meditation could calm you just enough to slow down and help you … Continue reading

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Want To Enjoy Life More? Send Your Inner Critic on a Vacation!

Reading Time: 1 min 33 sec

What if your inner critic took a vacation? Let me tell you how this idea came about. One of the things that has most helped my personal growth has to been to pay attention to how I FEEL. And it … Continue reading

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Give Yourself An Obligation Free Day (or Evening) Every Week!

Reading Time: 2 min 15 sec

A few years ago I had a client with a loving husband, kids, a home she really liked and a job that while it had its challenges, the pay and hours really suited her. But she felt stuck, frustrated and … Continue reading

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One Easy Way to Calm Down, Slow Down and Focus on What’s Really Important to You

Reading Time: 1 min 33 sec

This week’s article is not about saying, “No” to things – although that is one option. And it’s not about making time for something else on your busy to-do list. It’s about spending the time you already have a little … Continue reading

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Heal the Story Behind Your Fear and Painful Feelings

Reading Time: 1 min 12 sec

We live in a society that believes that facts, science and rationality will solve all our problems, and yet we are still ruled by our feelings and emotions. Suppressing and AVOIDING our difficult feelings simply blocks us from learning valuable … Continue reading

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Meditation for Relaxation – 3 Practical Ways to Find Calm

Reading Time: 57 sec

Meditation can calm your mind, relax your body and soothe your spirit. Anyone can find a meditation technique that fits their lifestyle and belief system, so here are 3 specific, but very practical ways to use meditation for relaxation and … Continue reading

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Get (Back) into Meditation – Read True Love by Thich Nhat Hanh

Reading Time: 35 sec

Actually I’m currently RE-reading this awesome little book. Why? Well, recently I got super-busy. So of course, I stopped meditating in the mornings. It’s funny how we stop meditating/exercising/eating well/going to bed early/[insert what you do here] – when we … Continue reading

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