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Want To Enjoy Life More? Send Your Inner Critic on a Vacation!

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What if your inner critic took a vacation? Let me tell you how this idea came about. One of the things that has most helped my personal growth has to been to pay attention to how I FEEL. And it … Continue reading

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Why Do Our Saboteurs Crop Up When We Make Changes In Our Lives?

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We all have them – gremlins, an inner critic, a ‘heavy’ whose purpose is to keeps us from making mistakes and helps us please – and avoid – upsetting others. The problem is that because these gremlins have been with … Continue reading

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Get Rid Of Your Inner Critic with these 3 Simple Techniques!

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Whether you call it an “Inner Critic”, a “Gremlin” or your “Judge” we ALL have one. A part of us that ignores our achievements, and focuses on our flaws and mistakes – and then not only highlights them, but often … Continue reading

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