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Who Do YOU Need to Appreciate in Your Life?

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A few years ago, I was on a 5 hour drive with my husband. He had fallen asleep (so obviously I was driving!) and I had slipped into this cool ‘zone’ of being totally in the present moment. I felt … Continue reading

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Heal the Story Behind Your Fear and Painful Feelings

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We live in a society that believes that facts, science and rationality will solve all our problems, and yet we are still ruled by our feelings and emotions. Suppressing and AVOIDING our difficult feelings simply blocks us from learning valuable … Continue reading

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True or False Guilt

How to Tell The Difference between True and False Guilt!

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Feeling guilty is something we all have to deal with from time to time. Guilt serves a purpose in society – when it’s reasonable. True guilt is MEANT to make us feel bad, so that we make amends, rebuild our … Continue reading

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5 Minute Fix: 3 Simple Steps to Cope With Stress When You’re Under Pressure

Reading Time: 1 min 15 sec

Sometimes we feel stressed, overwhelmed, guilty, pressured, anxious. It’s easy when we’re in these states to get caught up in our stressful thoughts and feelings, so it can be helpful to have a quick-fix technique to cope with stress. NOTE: … Continue reading

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