*Free* What Do You Need To Let Go Of?

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Do you need to let go? Because all too often we hang onto things that cloud our mind and drain us of energy, preventing us from moving forwards. The self-coaching exercise uses the metaphor of a young monk who fumes for hours after his companion breaks convention to help a lady in distress – and CAN’T let go…

This metaphor helps you think about how holding on may be harmful to you. You’ll be asked to make a list of things you may be holding onto and are finding it hard to let go of. You will also look at how it may benefit you to hold on! As well as explore how it would feel to let go of everything on your list…

This self-coaching tool is also a perfect way to start thinking about forgiveness – whether of yourself or others. Because an essential part of forgiveness involves letting go – whether it’s hurt, resentment, blame, anger or something else.

Anyway, time to let go and find out for yourself!