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This awesome pack of 3 Simple Vision and Goals Tools and Exercises helps you set an overall vision and then work backwards to get clear on what to focus on over the next 3 months to achieve that vision! (3 x 1 page exercises)

  1. START with “Rocking Chair Life Vision” to set your vision and context.
  2. THEN complete “Get Perspective” to set the 10 year picture and work back to see what you need to be doing now. This will give you your vision and goals.
  3. And FINALLY complete “My Vision for the next 3 Months”. This helps you look at what you need to be doing over the next 3 months to achieve your overall vision and goals.

Note: By working backwards to your vision for the next 3 months, this ensures that what you work on now fits into the bigger plan of what you want for your life! Terrific!

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