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All too often we often overlook the importance of DAILY HABITS in managing ourselves and our lives. But it’s often by making small changes to our daily routine (like adding in success habits) that we make BIG changes in our lives or careers!

This exercise helps you get more organized and come up with 5 new success habits – a personal framework around which the rest of the day’s activities fall into place. To help you form great daily success habits this short exercise first asks you take a quick look at your top priorities and stressors in life. This will help you find actions and success habits that help you focus more AND have less stress.

And once our success habit becomes automatic – not only does it help us, but it frees up our energy and brainpower to do something else!

Note: You may be surprised by the success habits you choose! If one of your priorities is family – and you’re feeling bad because you don’t spend enough quality time with them, a new success habit (which would reduce guilt, connect you to your values AND free up energy) might be to spend 10 minutes when you get back from work connecting and listening to your partner or children.

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