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Where do you need to take care of yourself more? All too often we simply don’t know the answer to this question – so it’s no wonder we’re tired and stressed out. Self-care is critical to our happiness AND success in life – especially when we’re busy and pushing ourselves to be the best or to achieve. (1 page)

Self-care is multi-layered encompassing everything from our health, and critically, to how we feel. Awareness and self-knowledge are the key to feeling better, so complete this short, fun coaching exercise to find out what you’re needing right now and what you could do about it.

You’ll also be asked (well, this is coaching!) at the end to identify ONE action to take more care of yourself, but of course you can identify as many actions as you like…

Enjoy – you may be surprised what you learn about your own self-care!

PS. This is a fabulous exercise to do with a group of friends – and to discuss self-care afterwards. It takes about 10 minutes to complete, so it’s great to do at a book-club meeting, over a cup of coffee – or glass of wine.

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