Increase Your Productivity – Do Less and Be Happier With These 3 Simple Steps!

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Increase Productivity with 3 Step Post-itWe all have “To Do” Lists – some are longer than others. And some of us have multiple “To Do” Lists. If you’re a mom, a business owner or a high achiever, you’ll know what I mean. So, if you want to increase productivity, read and follow the 3 ridiculously simple steps below.

This ‘increase productivity’ tip made a HUGE difference in my life. And I’ll be honest, sometimes I slip and forget to do it – and that’s when I start to feel overwhelmed and unfocused again (remember I’m a multiple “To-Do” list person).

Luckily, this ‘increase productivity’ tip is a ridiculously simple process that anyone can do. And all you’ll need is a special pad of Post-its. Find a great colour/shape/design that appeals to you (the 3 inch x 3 inch ones are the best size).

So, follow these 3 ridiculously simple steps to increase productivity:

  1. Every morning (or the night before), write on your special post-it pad the 3 THINGS you MOST want to (or need to) achieve that day. No more, no less. The number shall be 3!
  2. Start EACH day tackling the first item on your day’s post-it.
  3. As soon as you finish the first item, LOOK AT YOUR POST-IT again. Cross off the completed item, and tackle the next item. When you finish that (you know what’s coming here), cross it off and LOOK AT YOUR POST-IT. Then you’re done. Fab!Note:If you finish your 3 things with time to spare – great! You can choose to relax OR you can choose to take a look at your “To-Do” Lists again and tackle another item. Feel free to achieve MORE. BUT, DO NOT add extra items to your day’s Post-it. Do not sully your special post-it pad! Part of the magic is in the number 3.

So, why does it work? Well, we lead such busy lives that it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important to us. Writing our post-it takes seconds and focuses the mind for the day. This alone can increase productivity. And, when we feel overwhelmed we tend to distract ourselves – maybe on Facebook or by doing less important, but easier tasks. Writing our post-it makes our day (life?) seem more manageable and achievable. And finally, “3 things” are easy to remember – it’s as simple as a-b-c.

In Summary: To increase productivity, write out your 3 things daily. Let your special post-it pad become an ‘anchor’ for you – something your mind associates with increased productivity and success. I guarantee if you keep this up every day for a month you’ll not only impress others, but you’ll feel great and impress yourself!

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14 Responses to Increase Your Productivity – Do Less and Be Happier With These 3 Simple Steps!

  1. Kimba says:

    Thanks for the advice – I am a list-a-holic; love your suggestions for how to prioritize.

    • Emma-Louise says:

      Thanks Kim and Monna! I am a list-a-holic who gets overwhelmed by everything I want to do… This technique REALLY helps me. Warmly, EL

  2. Great tips. A to do list is great but still feels overwhelming if there is too much listed on it. 3 sounds like a great number for a daily goal without feeling like you will never get anything done.

    Have a great day, Monna

  3. Rachel says:

    Great tips. Gotta have a “to do list”, that’s the only way I can stay organized!!

    • Emma-Louise says:

      Thanks Rachel. Having just 3 Things (well, just 3 priorities) can really help us focus and feel good!

  4. Dana Beasley says:

    Great advice! Will think about incorporating this into my goal planning. Not a huge fan of too much on a list or just a list for a list’s sake. It’s discouraging and overwhelming. But checking something off or scratching it out–very satisfying!

    • Emma-Louise says:

      Thanks Dana! I agree. Big lists are scary. I have a weekly list, which I review and add to (as well as a bigger month-ish sized list). But the day’s priorities need to be small… 3 is a great number!

  5. Great ideas – having just 3 priorities and “action steps” is such a powerful way to achieve more each day than by having a long overwhelming to do list

    Great share
    Carol 🙂

  6. Thankyou for sharing your wisdom. Honestly I have always made huge lists and then felt overwhelmed. I am an overthinker, so now the challenge will be how to decide which three things are most important to accomplish.

    • Emma-Louise says:

      Hi Amanda,
      You are in good company here! I actually now have a number of different lists (which may be worse for some people, but works for me). For my business 1) A Week List, 2) 1-3 month List and then 3) the DAILY List which is the 3 Things. It makes me prioritise AND breathe a sigh of relief. As long as I keep it up… When I slip I feel overwhelmed again. Then I go back to just 3 things. Would love to hear how you get on…
      Warmly, EL

  7. As I was just sitting here pondering how to simplify my over scheduled life with many to-do list and high aspirations.

    At the end of the day, I am only one person. I am great need of prioritizing my time right now. This is a great way to start!!

    Thanks for the great help!

    • Emma-Louise says:

      Thanks Joyce! I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Glad it has given you some ideas for those piled high “to-do” lists! Warmly, EL

  8. Jean says:

    I really like the idea of the special post-it pad, I tend to have long lists and keeping only the most important things right in front of me, just may keep me from moving down the list to maybe something that can be accomplished easier or is more enjoyable.

    Thanks for the tip,
    Gratitude Coach

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