Skip The New Years Resolutions: Set Yourself 3 Meaningful Goals Instead!

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Millions of people set new years resolutions for the upcoming year – and most give up before completing them. According to statistics, 23% of new years resolutions are broken in the first week and 45% by the end of the month. So this year set meaningful GOALS, not resolutions!

What I’ve noticed is that new years resolutions are often things we WISH were different but we’re not (really) ready to change. Whereas a meaningful goal is something we WANT to do for ourselves. The ‘New Year’ gives us a great opportunity to reflect on the last 12 months, let go of the past and define the future we want. So why not create an inspiring goal or three for yourself?

The quiet period between Christmas and New Year is an ideal time to do this. Many stores are closed and people’s energies are focused inwards, on family and in the home – I think this has an impact on all of us whether we celebrate Christmas or not. So why not take advantage of this quiet, inwards-focusing time and bathe in the warm afterglow of the holiday season to ponder and set yourself some meaningful goals for the year ahead.

Here are 10 questions to help you reflect and pick meaningful goals for the coming year (instead of new years resolutions!):

  1. “If you were to look back 1 year from now, what MUST have happened?”
  2. “If you chose to really stretch yourself, what would you aim for?”
  3. “What are 3 things that would make a difference in your life?”
  4. “What do you want MORE of in your life?” (Make a list)
  5. “What do you want LESS of in your life?” (Make a list)
  6. “For your life to be perfect, what would have to change?”
  7. “What’s one change you could make that would give you more peace/calm?”
  8. “What is one thing you would love to do before you die?” (Your goal could be this, or a STEP towards this)
  9. “What specifically do you want to accomplish this year?”
  10. “What would a home run – in your life/career – look like this coming year?”

Then review your answers and pick 3 key goals for the coming year. It helps to get a spread of personal/career and spiritual goals, then get COMMITTED and WRITE IT DOWN! Use dates and measures to make the goal SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE – how else will you know you are on track – or have succeeded?

So, skip new years resolutions this year and set some meaningful goals instead! Try our awesome (11th annual) *FREE* Goal-Setting Worksheet – including a summary sheet to put up and remind you of your goals…


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