Getting Real: Why I Write These Articles and Why I’d Love You to Read Them!

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My dog, Dexter, on our local trail

Hi there! Emma-Louise here. It’s me that writes most of the articles you read here. And this morning, on my daily dogwalk I got to wondering what IS the purpose of Life Coach on the Go!  Why should YOU read my newsletter?

Well, I want EVERYONE to be happy from the inside out. And there’s a big difference between looking at your life and saying, “Yes, I’m happy” and really FEELING happy – every day.

There’s another word I love – and that’s EQUANIMITY. For me it means you’re content and you know you can handle whatever life throws at you. You may feel joy and excitement and sometimes you’ll  feel sadness, grief, shame and disappointment – but they’re all OK.

And this has been MY big challenge. I’m great at achieving goals. I’ve changed careers, moved half-way round the world, learned how to grow food, taught myself photography and opened up a B&B for starters. I’m “successful” all right! But I’ve spent my life blocking the ‘so-called’ negative emotions. They’re painful. PLUS, I shouldn’t be feeling disappointment – I’m lucky that I live in a country free from war and oppression. Oh – and I shouldn’t feel sad – I have a husband that loves me, a great job, friends and a home I love. Oh – and add – I’m a lifecoach, I’m supposed to be happy all the time.Well, in the trade we call these ‘limiting beliefs’!

I am a HAPPY person. I think positive. I can SEE that I have a great life – and I have TONS to be grateful for. And I am. In my THOUGHTS.

But in my HEART? Well, that’s a tough one. On a day-to-day basis we’re all so busy. We have to deal with stress, our inner critics, our commitments, relationships, finances, work colleagues, traffic, families – and so much more.

So, why am I telling you this?

Well we ALL deserve a life we love. Not just from the outside. But a life we love in our hearts. I’m talking about being happy – heart and soul. To wake up in the morning and think, “I love my life! Bring on the day!” And not just THINK it, but REALLY FEEL it! And that’s my mission! For each of us to wake up and not just think, but truly FEEL, “Yay! Another Day!”

And I found that while many self-help and spiritual books give us great knowledge and ideas, how do you actually DO it? Well this is what I want to help with – in practical, easy to understand, BITE-SIZED chunks.

We’re going to cover everything from goal-setting to dealing with difficult people. From managing our time better to how to be real and authentic. From balance and self-care to confidence and managing our careers.

And yes, we’ll also look at more spiritual stuff too like being in the present moment, gratitude, meditation, self-love, intuition and more. All in easy to read chunks.

Sometimes I’ll share a trick or a technique, other times it may be a reframe (a different way of looking at something), knowledge or an exercise. And sometimes I’ll rant. Because it’s not always as easy as we’re told – and I’d like to help you with the pitfalls and difficulties of self-development along the way too.

But everything I share is to ultimately help you get to know, accept, love and be your wonderful, unique and amazing self.

And that will lead you to have the truly beautiful and happy life you deserve. So keep reading (and watch this space! as there are exciting changes coming over the next year).

Emmaprint682rotatedsmallLots of Love,


PS. A little super-easy homework, if you’re up for it. Just start pondering what you want from 2014 – how do you want your life to be different next year? (Then watch for our 8th Annual FREE Goal-Setting Worksheet – coming soon!).

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6 Responses to Getting Real: Why I Write These Articles and Why I’d Love You to Read Them!

  1. Jeramiah Morris says:

    Thanks for writing this Emma!
    Amen to truly living a life you love.

  2. Dominique Saks says:

    This article is really fab and extremely important! I love getting your newsletter and this has given a really good insight as to how and why you’re so good at doing what you do! Keep up the good work Emma 🙂

  3. Nancy says:

    Hi, Emma-Louise.

    I love the part of your web site about loving ourselves by accepting the way we are just as we are right now, whatever that is, and being comforting to ourselves, even when (or maybe especially when) we feel so-called “negative” feelings, which are part of life.

    I hear a lot about the importance of accepting ourselves as we are, of loving ourselves, and of being compassionate with ourselves, yet it has puzzled me to know how to actually do this in practice.

    In that connection, I want to turn you on to a wonderful free resource on a web site I discovered, and since it is free, you can share it with your readers. In the spirit of your web site, it is bite-sized wisdom.

    It is a mini-course that is sent to the subscriber by email, one each day for five days. These lovely little emails gems take us on a gentle journey within ourselves in which we learn how to give ourselves the loving compassion and acceptance we need, especially when something is bothering us. Each email contains a simple exercise to “get bigger than what’s bugging you.”

    You can follow this link to subscribe to the email mini-course and begin receiving your free emails. I subscribed recently. I was surprised that I was deeply affected in a positive way by these very simple, easy-to-do exercises.

    • Emma-Louise says:

      Thanks Nancy. I will look into your recommended resource – the website looks good so far… Warmly, Emma-Louise

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