Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

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Are you too comfortable? Is life passing you by, just a little? Are you feeling uninspired, dull around the edges, bored, wanting more? You may be stuck in your comfort zone…

Because we can block ourselves from moving forwards in an inventive number of ways and get pretty clever at avoiding what seems hard or painful or new!

For example, we want to change job or apply for that promotion. We say to ourselves, “It’s too much hassle”. After all, we’d have to update our resume, check and contact our references, dry clean our best suit and write all those covering letters. Ugh!

And whilst there are a number of specific fears – we may be afraid of how we’ll feel when we hand in our resignation and disappoint our boss and coworkers. We may fear rejection, settling in with new colleagues, discomfort, the unknown (we’re comfortable where we are), failure – what if we don’t measure up? What if we’re NOT a success? What if we ARE a success?

But the most common fear to really block us is simple uncertainty – our uncertainty about whether it will work out or not. After all if you were certain it was going to work out, what would stop you then? 

The most annoying and wonderful thing about life is that there are few certainties – the only certainty being death itself. Don’t let the fear of uncertainty (not knowing the outcome) get in YOUR way. Instead get OUT of your comfort zone and begin the life you truly want.

Stretch yourself. Take a risk. Try something new. If you succeed – wonderful. And if you don’t, you’ll learn something else instead – the vital skill of handling failure (and believe me, if we all were OK with failure, life would be much more fulfilling and exciting!) Worth going for don’t you think?

Neale Donald Walsch said “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Why not try it and see?

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