How To Create A Vision Board That Works plus 7 Top Tips!

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How to Create a Vision Board ExampleIt’s a great time to get focused on what you want from the year ahead – or even your life! If we get what we focus on – we need to make sure we’re focusing on the right things and a Vision Board can help us do just that.

So, want some fun tips and to know how to create a Vision Board that (really) works? Read on.

So, what is a Vision Board anyway?

Well, a Vision Board is a collective name for a wide variety of inspirational maps and collages that we create from pictures and words. It’s a visual representation of our goals and dreams – and a powerful way to make our aspirations more attainable.

You can use Vision Boards for many things:

  • To clarify WHO you are, WHAT you want from life or create a VISION for where you’re going.
  • For personal encouragement and INSPIRATION.
  • To TAP INTO your inner wisdom, creativity or spirituality.
  • To FOCUS on specific areas of your life like work, home, relationships or goals.
  • You can even create a vision board for how you want to FEEL!

The great thing is you get to choose!

So, how does a Vision Board work?

Our minds can only hold about 7 pieces of information at any one time. And yet there are millions of pieces of information around us all the time (think about everything you think and can see/hear/feel for starters). So, to ensure we don’t get overwhelmed, our mind learns to filter information and to only show us information it thinks is RELEVANT. That’s why when we get a new car or find out we’re going to be parents we suddenly notice blue Mazda 5s, pregnant women or new dads everywhere.

It’s the very act of CREATING the vision board that tells our mind what’s important – and as a result it will draw your attention to things you might otherwise not have noticed. It’s a great way of showing our mind what we want it to focus on for us!

How to create a Vision Board that works

Start by cutting out and collecting pictures, words, quotes that inspire you or simply catch your eye. You can do this at one sitting or build a collection over time. Then paste and organize your images and words onto a big piece of paper, giving  it a title and date.

What You’ll need: A piece of bristol board or cardboard (you pick the size!), scissors, coloured pens, glue, any pictures you already have and a supply of inspirational magazines to cut out pictures from (eg. Oprah, home magazines, spiritual magazines, National Geographic – anything with pictures).

7 Top Vision Boarding Tips

  1. Have FUN! You can start with a blank piece of paper and go totally freeform, or you can outline a tree/book/star shape and create a ‘Goal Tree’, ‘Dream Book’ or ‘Destiny Star’. You can also make it 3D!
  2. If you have a totem or spirit animal, include pictures of them. You can also build your vision board in the shape of your totem or spirit animal too.
  3. To be most effective and connect your left brain (logic, analysis, words) and right brain (creativity, emotions, heart, images) your Vision Board MUST HAVE PICTURES – even if they are just line drawings and stick men/women. You can do a words-only vision board, but it may not have such a great impact.
  4. While looking for pictures, run free and dream. INCLUDE ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING that appeals or speaks to you! Don’t analyse, stop thinking and tune into your CREATIVE right brain!
  5. Include PERSONAL AFFIRMATIONS or inspiring quotes to nurture and cherish your inner self.
  6. Use COLOUR! Whether it’s coloured pens, post-it notes or coloured shapes – make it VIBRANT and exciting.
  7. It’s also helpful to actively look for the UNFAMILIAR and UNEXPECTED things you are drawn to – look outside your ‘normal’ box for maximum impact.

This is not about creating an artistic masterpiece but creating something that visually inspires and excites you!

No Idea Where to Start?

LUCKY YOU! Simply start flicking through magazines, newspapers, the internet and simply cut out anything that inspires or grabs your attention until you have a pile of pictures to work with. Then you get to see what unfolds!

You could also try answering these questions; 1) “What do I REALLY want from life?”,  2) “What is the life I REALLY want to live?” or 3) “WHO do I really want to be?”

Finished Your Vision Board?

Well, there are two main schools of thought.

1)  FORGET about your vision board: Put it away. You’ll find it in 5 years and things will magically have happened. This can help us remove any attachment to our vision – so we don’t FORCE things or try too hard. Also, when we put something somewhere obvious, we tend to stop seeing it after a while.

2)  Put your Vision Board somewhere you will SEE IT REGULARLY – to remind, inspire and focus you. This is my personal preference – but to avoid the blahs, sit down every once in a while and REALLY LOOK AT IT. Review it and allow yourself to feel and get excited by it. Just before sleep is a great time to do this as it allows our mind to think on it and absorb it overnight!

You may achieve your vision WITHOUT taking deliberate action, but if you consciously take action and get things moving – it’s MUCH more likely. But it’s entirely up to you. I’ve had clients who have had great success with both methods. So, check in with yourself and see which you think will work for you.

Make it even more fun!

Why not get a few good friends together and spend a fun and inspiring evening creating your own Vision Boards?

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8 Responses to How To Create A Vision Board That Works plus 7 Top Tips!

  1. Suzie Cheel says:

    Great post Emma. It is so important to look at what purpose your vision board is for and not make if link the kitchen sink. What I used to do until I learned a focused what to tap into my vision. I now make a monthly board on the computer.

    • Emma-Louise says:

      Thanks Suzie! I love the idea of making a monthly board too – especially good for right-brained business people I would think. I will ponder on that.
      Warmly, EL

  2. Love vision boards. I actually love to do mine on Pinterest as I’m not a big buyer of magazines. Plus I can take a look at it on my phone while out and about for some inspiration. Mine does need redoing though!

    • Emma-Louise says:

      Thanks Louise! You’re the second person who makes them virtually, although the first person who’s told me they use Pinterest. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Warmly, EL

  3. Great share Emma…I love making vision boards. My latest one need to be updated so I’ll use some of your tips to make it more fun. I am also writing the story of my “Brightest Future” and I love that concept as well. You tools and tips are amazing!

    Thank you for sharing with TWOF!


    • Emma-Louise says:

      Thanks for your kind words Nathalie! Vision Boards are awesome and the story idea of your brightest future is another powerful way to connect with ourselves and our spirit or soul. Great going Nathalie! Warmly, EL

  4. Katy Tafoya says:

    I love creating collages and vision boards. So much so that I seem to have challenges letting them go. Not because “it” hasn’t happened yet. No, that would make more sense – LOL. I find them too darn inspiring and pretty to look at. In fact, the one I’m looking up at right now is still from 2011 (I know because it says it right on it).

    I say it’s time I make a new vision for a new year!!

    • Emma-Louise says:

      Hi Katy! You’re too cute! Enjoy both the process of creating your 2012 vision and the final product. Warmly, EL

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