Goals – Why You Need to Know what a HUG is!

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I love all kinds of hugs… But in this case we’re talking about a Huge Unbelievable Goal… And they’re easier to achieve than you might think. Why? Because HUGs are SO inspiring that we willingly go to great lengths to achieve them.

In fact a good HUG excites us so much that we actually enjoy thinking about and working towards it. And with some help and focus, we might actually TAKE action towards achieving it instead of just thinking about it…

Now, a HUG actually breaks many ‘goal-setting rules’: A HUG is often vague and without a specific deadline – real ‘no-nos’ in the self-development world! Examples of HUGs could be travelling the world, moving to a new country, starting a philanthropic organization, switching careers or having your own art exhibition!

Important HUG factors include:

  • You feel GREAT or excited when you think about your HUG
  • Achievement of your HUG is likely to be 5-25 years away
  • It aligns strongly with your values
  • It may seem impossible at first, but becomes more real and possible as time passes
  • A HUG is often achieved earlier than expected – or in unexpected ways…

My next HUGs? To write a book, to be the ‘go to website’ for self-coaching, to be an artist – photography and/or painting. I’d also like to do more philanthropically – but that’s still a WOEWTLL (What On Earth Would That Look Like?)

HUGs are important because they excite and inspire us. They remind us we can do more and be more. If we’re feeling humdrum – creating and thinking about a HUG can lift us into a different space.

Of course if you’re really serious about your HUG it makes sense to get more specific – to define and treat your HUG like a goal – but first you need to have one!

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“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”  Gloria Steinem

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