Break the Rules: 5 Life Tips That Reverse Traditional Wisdom!

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Unorthodox Life Tips represented by girl sticking out tongueWe’ve taken traditional wisdom and turned it on it’s head with these life tips – because sometimes ‘rules’ make life harder than it needs to be. And if you’re a rebel like me, breaking out of ‘shoulds’ is not only fun, but can be productive AND helpful too!

So, here are 5 Life Tips That Reverse Traditional Wisdom:

  1. PROCRASTINATE: Sometimes procrastination is a great way to ‘buy ourselves time’ when we’re unsure what to do or which direction to take. Or it may just be best to sit back and wait for life or our intuition to make the decision for us. Tip: Don’t procrastinate yourself into difficulty – instead make a conscious choice to procrastinate until you have more information or feel more confident in your choice.
  2. GIVE UP: When we try too hard to do things, we can get in our own way. Instead, try giving up for a while and see what happens. Tip: Get clear on what you want – the outcome you’re looking for – and then keep an open mind (and your eyes wide open) for unexpected solutions.
  3. CRY OVER THE SPILT MILK: It’s not always the right time or place to have a good cry, but bottling up how we feel can build up and leave us feeling low. So, if you’re feeling upset over something small – especially if you’re feeling REALLY upset over something small – give yourself permission to have a good cry and take the opportunity to release that pent up emotion. I guarantee this life tip will help you feel a lot better!
  4. AVOID THAT DIFFICULT TASK: This isn’t about procrastinating, but avoiding altogether! If it’s that difficult or unpleasant, does it REALLY need doing? Could you ask, delegate or pay someone else to do it? And sometimes when we leave something for long enough it goes away or solves itself all on its own. Tip: Sometimes AVOIDING or giving ourselves permission NOT to do something can also change the ‘energy’ around it so that we don’t mind doing it any more. Go figure!
  5. PLAN FOR SPONTANEITY: Book a day (or ½ day) in your diary – for spontaneity! Make NO PLANS whatsoever and when the time comes, just do whatever YOU feel like for the whole day! Tip: Don’t even plan your day ON the day. Just be IN the moment and do whatever grabs you next…

We’d love to hear YOUR life tips that reverse traditional wisdom, just comment below!

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