10 Top Questions to Identify Your Strengths – Without The Struggle!

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Many people easily reel off their flaws and faults and yet stumble when asked to list their strengths. But to be happy, to succeed, to follow your bliss – it’s essential you identify your strengths and talents!

Marianne Williamson said, “We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?” Who indeed? Imagine if everyone in the world played to their strengths in their lives – how would the world be different? Imagine if you used your talents and strengths every day – how different would YOU feel?

So, let’s identify your strengths! It’s easier than you think. Just take 20 minutes or so and sit down with a pen and piece of paper – or at your computer – and answer these questions. Make a list and don’t worry about repeating yourself – if a strength comes up several times it suggests it’s a strong strength! Then, simply review your list, summarise the overarching strengths and themes you notice and if necessary rewrite your list on a fresh piece of paper!. Ta-da. Strengths done!

Make it fun: You could do this with a friend, colleague or group of friends (girls – what about at bookclub?)

Here are 10 Top Questions to Help You Identify Your Strengths:

  1. “Tell me about some of the biggest challenges in your life? How did you overcome them?”   (Sometimes we take our experiences for granted, not realising that we use our strengths to overcome and deal with difficult times. Even better, get a friend to ask you this question and ask them to note down the strengths they observe!)
  2. “What do you like about yourself?”   (The things we like about ourselves are usually things we’re good at!)
  3. “What do you enjoy doing?”   (We usually enjoy what we’re good at!)
  4. “What do you yearn to do?”   (Yearnings suggest possible unexplored or undeveloped talents!)
  5. “What are some unusual skills you have?”   (The word ‘unusual’ forces us to think what’s different about us. Take a moment to delve deeper and identify your underlying strengths)
  6. “What are you proud of in your life?”    (Consider what strengths you use or used in this area)
  7. “What are three of your greatest strengths?”  (A sneaky question. Using the word “greatest” implies there are other strengths too – and really focuses the mind)
  8. “Tell me about your first achievement.”   (Even if it seems boring or small now as an adult – this early achievement gives pointers to innermost strengths)
  9. “What would not be like it is – had you not been part of it?”   (eg. a work or volunteer effort. What did you do and what strengths did you use to make that happen?)
  10. “What do you get complimented on most?”   (This tells you what others admire and like about you – look for the skills and strengths underneath!)

Top Tip: Look at the detail. Look for things you normally gloss over – and drill down to SPECIFICS. If your question responses are not what you would consider strengths, ask “What’s special about that?” until you identify a strength.

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