9 Awesome Tips to Get Your Important Stuff Done with an Airplane Day!

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transportationWhatever you think of travelling by air these days, one thing I LOVE about plane travel is that once I’m in the air I’m FREE! OK, so I’m strapped and wedged into my seat, but there are NO distractions – it’s great reading, thinking, planning, writing and doing time.

And this inspired me. Sometimes we have things to do that are really important to us, but it’s hard to find time to get them done. It could be anything from personal goal-setting to updating your resume, applying for jobs, completing a work project or perhaps something creative.

What can you think of that you really want to do,
but never seem to get to?

Have an “Airplane Day” to work on your important projects or get all those little things done. It’s a day for YOU to complete what really matters – with ALL distractions removed!

9 Tips to Have the Best Airplane Day Ever:

  1. Block out your Airplane Day in your diary as far ahead as possible.
  2. Say “No” to or Defer ALL meetings, appointments and obligations for that day.
    Tip: You may also need to put time in your diary for preparation the night before, and the following day to catch up following your airplane day.
  3. NO email until the END of the day. Simply check your email last thing the previous day, and at the end of your airplane day.
    Tip: If you must check your email, set specific time aside just before your lunch to (only!) deal with what’s urgent.
  4. NO Social Media. That’s no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.
    Tip: If you run a business where social media is necessary, set your posts ready-to-go the night before, and like email, ONLY do a minimal check for anything urgent just before lunch.
  5. NO internet (unless it’s to work on a task you have for that day).
  6. Everything you need is organized the night before – folders and notebooks or whatever you need are out and ready.
  7. Know what you’re having for lunch and snacks etc. and have them on hand. Remember that on the airplane lunch and snacks are brought round – and all you have to do is sit and eat them.
    Tip: It’s great to have your favourite foods/snacks/teas/coffee available!
  8. Keep your lunch light and fun – but focused. Aim for 30 minutes to maximise the time you have to get those important things done.
  9. Only do ONE thing at a time. And if you’re working on projects that need your computer, close down ANYTHING you’re not using – all the programs and windows on your computer – as soon as you’re finished with them.

This is a day for you to be productive – to take care of the things that matter to you! You could even try to have an “Airplane Day” regularly – once a week, once a month or even once a quarter.

Can’t take a whole day? If taking a whole day just doesn’t work for you – maybe you have children that need picking up/dropping off from school/activities – you can still have an airplane day. Arrange in advance for someone else to pick-up/drop off the kids for you this once OR simply have an “Airplane half-day” or an “Airplane evening” (maybe it’s a local flight instead of long haul!).

In Summary: Having an airplane day is really an act of self-care. It means you’ll need to do some prior preparation – which may include asking others for help. And you may need to allow a small amount of time the day afterwards to ‘catch up’, but you WILL get your important things done.

How fabulous does that feel?
What will you use YOUR “Airplane Day” for?

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