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What Does It Actually Mean to Allow Painful Feelings – And How Do We Do It?

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It’s hard to accept things that are difficult, unpleasant and painful. And I don’t know about you but I read all the time in spiritual or self-help books about “Acceptance”, “Surrender” or “Allowing” painful feelings. What does it actually mean … Continue reading

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The 3 A’s – A Simple 3 Step Model to Deal With Your Difficult Feelings and Emotions

Reading Time: 1 min 21 sec

Dealing with difficult feelings and emotions is one of the hardest things to learn – because we still live in a society that largely believes we should ‘suck it up’ and get on with things. Feelings and emotions are often … Continue reading

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Be Happy for LIFE: Why Your Feelings Are More Important Than Goals!

Reading Time: 1 min 17 sec

I know this runs contrary to much of what you’ve been told, but achieving your goals will NOT give you lasting happiness. Working towards and achieving goals is the PURSUIT of happiness because the happiness is only temporary – until … Continue reading

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