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Spring Clean Your Life shown by woman cleaning mirror

Spring Clean Your Life: 10 Questions to ask Yourself!

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Spring is certainly here for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere. But whether you’re heading into Fall or Spring – the change of seasons is a great opportunity to reflect and have a “Spring Clean”. Here are some powerful … Continue reading

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pondering difficult feelings and emotions

The 3 A’s – A Simple 3 Step Model to Deal With Your Difficult Feelings and Emotions

Reading Time: 1 min 21 sec

Dealing with difficult feelings and emotions is one of the hardest things to learn – because we still live in a society that largely believes we should ‘suck it up’ and get on with things. Feelings and emotions are often … Continue reading

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Handle Rejection Beautifully - Boy Pouty Smile

Handle Rejection Beautifully – 7 Top Tips to Get Your Mojo Back!

Reading Time: 1 min 37 sec

Over the years I have come to deeply realize that what ultimately drives us is not logic or ‘reality’ – but how we think and feel about things. Rejection FEELS like such a big deal AND it’s unavoidable in life … Continue reading

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Friends whispering

Are Your Friends Good for you? 5 Simple Steps to Review Your Friendships and Find Out!

Reading Time: 1 min 30 sec

We all know that friends are the family we CHOOSE in life. But are your friendships inspiring, supporting and encouraging you? Or are your friendships strained, stressful or unfulfilled? Relationships that serve us are inspiring or energising and we need … Continue reading

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10 Top Questions to Identify Your Strengths – Without The Struggle!

Reading Time: 1 min 10 sec

Many people easily reel off their flaws and faults and yet stumble when asked to list their strengths. But to be happy, to succeed, to follow your bliss – it’s essential you identify your strengths and talents! Marianne Williamson said, … Continue reading

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YOU Have The Answer to Everything: Just Ask This Simple Question!

Reading Time: 59 sec

Having trouble making a decision? Well, whether it’s a specific decision or an ongoing issue I want you to know that YOU have ALL the answers. Really. To EVERYTHING in your life. All too often we get in our own way … Continue reading

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How to Give Yourself a HUG!

A HUG is a Huge Unbelievable Goal. People willingly go to great lengths to achieve them – because they are so inspiring and exciting! Click here to read our sister article and learn more about What a HUG is and … Continue reading

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