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Want To Enjoy Life More? Send Your Inner Critic on a Vacation!

Reading Time: 1 min 33 sec

What if your inner critic took a vacation? Let me tell you how this idea came about. One of the things that has most helped my personal growth has to been to pay attention to how I FEEL. And it … Continue reading

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Enjoy Summer Quotes & Personal Reflections Exercise

Reading Time: 39 sec

Quotes are so popular these days and I don’t know about you, but I love them! I find it incredible that a few words strung together can have the power to fill us with wisdom, energy and inspiration! So, here … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Summer – How Not to Be a Slave to Media Manipulation

Reading Time: 2 min 40 sec

For Women Everywhere – and Those Who Love Them! In the Northern hemisphere it’s now officially summer. And everywhere I look I see ads for “the perfect swimsuit”, suncreams and self-tanners. In women’s magazines and online I see the question, … Continue reading

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15 of the Best Compliments to Make Everyone Feel Great (Including You!)

Reading Time: 1 min 47 sec

I’ll start with one of my favourite jokes: A man walks into a bar and orders a beer. He’s sat there drinking when he hears someone say, “Nice tie!” But the bar is empty except for himself and the bartender … Continue reading

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Who Do YOU Need to Appreciate in Your Life?

Reading Time: 1 min 17 sec

A few years ago, I was on a 5 hour drive with my husband. He had fallen asleep (so obviously I was driving!) and I had slipped into this cool ‘zone’ of being totally in the present moment. I felt … Continue reading

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Is This You Too? How I FINALLY Learned to Take Care of Myself…

Reading Time: 2 min 40 sec

When your life gets stressful, when you feel overwhelmed, what do YOU do? Well, when I first moved to Canada from England almost 10 years ago and left behind my friends and much of my family, I had quit the … Continue reading

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10 Meaningful Areas for you to Ponder, Reflect and Create an AMAZING Year!

Reading Time: 1 min 12 sec

Recently, my life turned upside down. A family crisis has meant my husband Duncan and I are flying back and forth from Canada to England for what will probably be about 18 months in total.  Now, although I’m more adjusted … Continue reading

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Give Yourself An Obligation Free Day (or Evening) Every Week!

Reading Time: 2 min 15 sec

A few years ago I had a client with a loving husband, kids, a home she really liked and a job that while it had its challenges, the pay and hours really suited her. But she felt stuck, frustrated and … Continue reading

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The Home Stretch: 7 Easy Questions to Help You Review and Refocus on Your Goals

Reading Time: 49 sec

Can you believe it? We’re on the home stretch – and the rest of the year will go by in a flash. So this is a great time to ‘take stock’ and do your final goal review for the year. … Continue reading

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Stop Labelling Me! How to Lose Your Labels and Limiting Beliefs…

Reading Time: 47 sec

Looking at our ‘labels’ is a great way to begin exploring our limiting beliefs. And in this ‘lose your limiting beliefs exercise’ below you’ll get to see firsthand how your labels may be holding you back. What do I mean … Continue reading

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