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7 Easy Ways For You to Energize and Refocus!

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Spring and Fall are a great opportunity to refocus and energize ourselves. And you’d be surprised how small a change can be – and still make a big difference. In fact it’s often the small changes that make the MOST … Continue reading

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Spring Clean Your Life shown by woman cleaning mirror

Spring Clean Your Life: 10 Questions to ask Yourself!

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Spring is certainly here for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere. But whether you’re heading into Fall or Spring – the change of seasons is a great opportunity to reflect and have a “Spring Clean”. Here are some powerful … Continue reading

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Unorthodox Life Tips represented by girl sticking out tongue

Break the Rules: 5 Life Tips That Reverse Traditional Wisdom!

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We’ve taken traditional wisdom and turned it on it’s head with these life tips – because sometimes ‘rules’ make life harder than it needs to be. And if you’re a rebel like me, breaking out of ‘shoulds’ is not only … Continue reading

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dealing with feelings and emotions

Be Happy for LIFE: Why Your Feelings Are More Important Than Goals!

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I know this runs contrary to much of what you’ve been told, but achieving your goals will NOT give you lasting happiness. Working towards and achieving goals is the PURSUIT of happiness because the happiness is only temporary – until … Continue reading

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The ONE Question You MUST Ask for a Happier and More Balanced Life!

Reading Time: 49 sec

Thinking we can ‘achieve’ balance sets us up for disappointment, because no sooner do we ‘achieve’ it then something changes and we are ‘off-balance’ again. It’s much better instead, to think of balance as something we are either: Moving towards … Continue reading

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How to Reclaim Your Life with This One Simple Skill, Saying No!

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Reclaiming our life is easy if we can relearn ONE simple skill: How to say “No”.  And don’t be fooled, this is nothing new for you. For a while there when you were small, you felt quite at home saying “No”. … Continue reading

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